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Good Heavens! It seems that our minds and bodies are linked…

Yes, finally science is catching up with what those who work in physical professions have known for years. 

Several articles have appeared recently, in the print press and online, discussing new findings that challenge the idea that our bodies are vessels for transporting our brains around. It is the common received belief, and although we are encouraged to keep our vessels healthy, we completely underestimate how powerfully unified the human system is.

British scientists have found some evidence that schizophrenia may be a disease of the immune system, and have begun testing a new approach to treatment. In fact, it could be that immune activity is a factor in a whole spectrum of mental disorders. Surprisingly, it has only recently been discovered that a whole network of vessels beneath the skull links the brain with the immune system.

So what has this got to do with How to Speak Child?
Well, when I was reading these various different articles, I kept coming back to the notion that perhaps we should be endeavouring to move away from thinking of physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing as two separate and distinct entities, and towards a more holistic view of just human ‘health’.

It occurred to me that we most probably start our lives that way - after all children tend to talk about feeling good or bad, well or ill, happy or sad, right or wrong, without too much attention on specifics - but that we are educated out of that initial instinctive state and into something less close to the truth.

Of course I realise that mental health is a complex issue and that to try to simplify serious conditions could be dangerous. However, I also feel that if we encourage our children to continue thinking of themselves as a complete entity in which brain and body function as a connected whole, we may be going some way to helping them stay healthier in the future.

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