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The Lost Words


Have you heard about the recent publishing phenomenon ‘The Lost Words’?

The authors wanted to create a beautiful book to revive once-common words, especially those dealing with nature, excised from the Oxford Junior Dictionary - and it’s really taken off. All over the UK, adults are raising funds to gift copies of the book to schools, including every Primary, Secondary and Special School in Scotland.

It’s a combination of glorious illustrations and poems that the authors liken to spells.

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Imagine . . .


It is difficult for me to express just how important I think imagination is.

It’s often used as a word that has rather trivial and childish overtones, but far from being an irrelevant plaything, imagination is absolutely at the core of our being. What we imagine for ourselves defines how we are able to progress and grow through life, and far from being a given skill, is something that it is possible to nurture and inspire in an individual - who may or may not be yourself – at any age.

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