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Teach EYFS Article - Shouting


As part of the How to Speak Child project, I have been collecting interviews with children regarding how adults communicate with them. In each of a series of articles I'm writing for Teach Early Years magazine, I’m focussing on one prominent theme. For the most recent issue, my article deals with the issue of SHOUTING!!

My thanks to editor Jacob Stow for allowing reproduction, and if you want to know more, details of this and their other magazines and resources are available at:

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Article for Teach Primary and Teach Early Years Magazines


Just in case you missed it, this is my article from the current editions of those two magazines,


Children are physical creatures. I don’t need to tell you that. From the very beginning, they express themselves with their whole bodies. During the earliest of early years, when they know the cadence of language, but don’t necessarily have the vocabulary to fit the tune, they are already using gestures to help make themselves understood - and they learn those gestures from us.

It’s intriguing to me that whilst we accept the development of a regional accent, there is little thought given to the physical habits a young child might pick up - and this happens in school as well at at home.

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