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Teach EYFS Article - Praise


Here is the latest in my series of articles based on conversations with children, first published in Teach Early Years magazine. In each piece, I focus on one prominent theme. For this one, it’s PRAISE!
My thanks to editor Jacob Stow for allowing reproduction, and if you want to know more, details of this and their other magazines and resources are available at:

*What do you really like when being addressed by an adult?
*I like being praised and being spoken to nicely. I like when they (adults) are proud of you.     (A - male)

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Childcare Expo Article


I wrote this blogpost for Childcare Expo. I'll be holding a workshop at their event next Saturday.

How Can We Use Creative and Performative Techniques in the Classroom?

On the surface, there may not seem to be a particularly obvious correlation between the working life of a professional performer and that of an EYFS practitioner, but the similarities are there. Our Statutory Framework lays down three different ways that children learn: playing and exploring; active learning; and creating and thinking critically - not just characteristics of effective teaching and learning, but essentials in the toolkit of any performer!

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You Hum It, I'll Play It!


My recent visit to Estonia included a weekend off, and during that time, I did some Yoga and Pilates classes. I don’t speak the language, but I nevertheless found it relatively easy to follow instructions. I think this reflects some important points about basic levels of communication.

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Interview With SEN Resources


I'm working away from home at the moment with very little time for blog-writing, so this week I'm posting my recent interview with SEN Resources - and here's a link to their page: . Hope you enjoy it.

I was a bit star struck this week, Nikky Smedley who played the Teletubby Laalaa (my favourite childhood TV character) kindly agreed to answer some questions I had about her new book. When I found out that she had written ‘Create, Perform, Teach!‘ I was intrigued as to how she moved from children TV to the education sector.


Create, Perform, Teach! is a fantastic book. It helps to inspire early years practitioners to engage children through creativity and performance methods. Nikky Smedley provides practical advice and ideas of how to do this covering everything from puppetry to music and dance!

We loved how easy to read the book was, its range of brilliant ideas and how these ideas will ultimately help children to develop a range of important skills such as speech and language, creativity and gross motor skills.
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Create, Perform, Teach!


It was only a month or so after my publishers and I decided on the title for my book (released Thursday 19th!) that I realised it pretty much summed up my entire working life. I am passionate about these three things, and most passionate of all about the places where they conjoin.

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