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Interviews with Siblings M and L

I received these responses from M, a 14 year old girl, and L, her brother who has just turned 9. My thanks to M and L, who completed the written questionnaires independently, M writing down L's answers. M's are the first set.

What really winds you up about how adults speak to you?

When they jump to assumptions and don't listen to the whole story.

This means they can't see the bigger picture and fully understand everything.

What do you really like when being addressed by an adult?

When they treat you like a peer rather than a child. If I am spoken to by an adult I can sometimes feel under minded or overlooked.

Is there anything you would change about how young people are treated in society, if so what?
Not necessarily but I do think that all children should be treated the same no matter how privileged they are. No one should be treated like less.

Do you find it easy or difficult to communicate with grown-ups, and why?
Depending on the subject I can find it easy with some grown ups but not all understand. For example you can't talk to your teachers the same way you would with your mum.

What about other age groups of children?
Sometimes speaking to older people (17-20ish) is easier as they have more experience but not so much that it's overwhelming and non relatable.

Do you think adults understand you? Why / why not?
Not all the time because times have changed so much since they were little that they can't always properly relate to the situation. Like cyber bullying for example, no adults can really relate to the way that makes you feel or how to resolve it because they never went through it.

What lesson would you like grown-ups to learn about how to communicate with children?

-they should treat you as a peer
-they should listen to the entire story
-they shouldn't assume things

What question do you think should be on this list? How would you answer it?
Who would you first turn to in a bad situation and why?

My mum as I don't have many close friends and it's important you can talk to your parents.

What annoys you about how adults speak to you?

If they treat you unfairly.

How do you like a grown-up to be when they speak to you?
Kind, generous.

What is good and what is bad about being a child? Good-you get more presents.
Bad-you have no control (not in charge).

Do you find it easy or difficult to talk with grown-ups, and why?
Difficult because you can't speak back the same way they speak to you.

Is it easy or difficult for you to speak with other children?
Easy because they're just like me and they're not in charge of me.

Do you think adults understand you? Why / why not?
Sometimes because they don't always know what I'm trying to say.

What lesson would you like grown-ups to learn about how to talk to children?
Don't speak with rude words or shout.

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